Tea Variety Sampler Sets - 12-pk, 18-pk, and 24-pk

Tea Variety Sampler Sets - 12-pk, 18-pk, and 24-pk

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This listing is a great way to get a variety of blends without going to each individual listing and ordering a bunch of individual samples. 

All blends are loose-leaf and will require a diffuser, or tea bag. The regular sample comes in a silver foil pack that is solid on one side and clear on the other.

Available in 12 packs, 18 packs, and 24 packs.

Regular Sample Size: 3TB (makes approx 6-9 cups)

Recommended usage - 1 tsp blend per 6oz cup of water

All blends in the store are available. You can either choose your own blends or let me surprise you. You just let me know. Each sample is clearly labeled with the name and ingredients of the blend. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.