Tame the Tension - Relaxing, Organic Herbal Tea

Tame the Tension - Relaxing, Organic Herbal Tea

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Whether you have the beginnings of a headache or had a bad day, or just need to "chill" - this is a great herbal blend for you. Not only do the herbs help your insides, but they delight your senses in the process! The chamomile and lavender are known not only for their calming and relaxing properties but also their soothing aromas. Rosemary and peppermint, also highly aromatic, are known herbs for helping with headaches and sensory issues. I added rosebuds for extra flavor and aroma (they are also good for relaxation).

*If you are allergic to Ragweed, I now offer an option of this blend without the Chamomile.

Available in (3) sizes:

Sample - makes approx 6-9 cups*

2oz Round Tin - makes approx 9-12 cups* 4

oz Round Tin - makes approx 21-24 cups*

*Directions - Use 1 tsp blend per 6oz of water; steep 3-5 minutes for green tea, 5-7 minutes for all other blends (or longer for an all-herbal blend)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I make all of my own blends, and thus I am able to customize to suit taste or allergies. If

you are pregnant, please let me know prior to ordering, as some herbs are not safe during early pregnancy.

Thank you for shopping with KipersLilTeaShop.